Florian Stock – MotionTag

MotionTag aims to make public transport more efficient and more attractive by offering an easy-to-integrate, multi-modal, low-cost and user-centric ticketing solution and a sophisticated analysis solution to transport operators. Through accurate mobility data, transport operators can adapt their strategy to actual user demand and offer their customers an easy and truly seamless travel experience that will shape future travel behaviour in a more sustainable manner.

Our co-founder Florian Stock presented our projects already a year ago at one of your events and very much liked its atmosphere. Furthermore, we’ve found it a very good networking opportunity and are happy to have met two of our current developers there.

Since last year we made a great leap forward in regards to our technological innovations, especially in machine learning (e.g. RNN) as well as sensor analysis and would be pleased to present these exiting changes and future development to you.

Rainer Häner – GFZ

Centre for Geoinformation Technology

Helmholtz Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam